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19 Dec 2017

Massage comes in different applications depending on where the patient wants it to be done. It gives a feeling of relaxation, reduces muscle tension, effective treatment for relieving stress and can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. There are many clinics that offer massage services and they make sure to be a part of your health maintenance plan.

Benefits you can get from massage

1. It is relaxing

The body produces unhealthy levels of stress hormones when it is tensed and under stress. The stress hormone cortisol contributes to weight gain, sleeplessness, digestive problems, and headaches. A licensed massage therapist knows this too well that they help in decreasing the cortisol levels in the body and it...

22 Mar 2017

When one person has suffered injuries in their lifetime, some don’t recover from it. They don’t recover not because they don’t want to but the options for their recovery have not been found yet. As time continue to pass, new discoveries fill the medical field and injuries before that seemed to be impossible to cure now can be fixed easily.

The Shockwave Therapy has been introduced recently over the years and has helped sports people and normal citizens get their feet back on the ground. Know more about shock wave therapy - the using of shockwaves that help treat painful and chronic conditions of  musculoskeletal system. When asked how does shock wave therapy work you can simply say it is highly intense with a short energy wave...