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22 Mar 2017

When one person has suffered injuries in their lifetime, some don’t recover from it. They don’t recover not because they don’t want to but the options for their recovery have not been found yet. As time continue to pass, new discoveries fill the medical field and injuries before that seemed to be impossible to cure now can be fixed easily.

The Shockwave Therapy has been introduced recently over the years and has helped sports people and normal citizens get their feet back on the ground. Know more about shock wave therapy - the using of shockwaves that help treat painful and chronic conditions of  musculoskeletal system. When asked how does shock wave therapy work you can simply say it is highly intense with a short energy wave that travels even faster than that of sound.

Different Shockwave Therapy treatments

Here are the different kinds of Shockwave Therapy treatment:

  • New Blood Vessel Formation - good blood flow is needed to help jump start the process of repair of tissues that has been damaged. When acoustic waves has been applied it can create capillary micro ruptures in both the bone and the tendon. This can also fall under Shockwave therapy for insertional tendinopathy.

  • Reversal of Chronic Inflammation - the process of inflammation includes mast cell, and the activity that can increase it to heal the inflammation is by the use of pervasive acoustic waves.

  • Stimulation of Collagen Production - a myoskeletal and ligament damage can be repaired through the right amount of collagen. The Shockwave Therapy in Toronto can help accelerate the synthesis of procollagen, to better and faster heal the damage.

  • Dissolution of Calcified Fibroblasts - tendon trauma can be caused by calcium build up, and with the help of acoustic waves they can break up the current calcifications to prevent additional micro tears to the tendon.

  • Dispersion of Pain Mediator “Substance P” - if you have intense, chronic and very continuous pain you can associate that with neuropeptide which can be mediated by the neurotransmitter called Substance P.  

  • Release of Trigger Points - if you have pains in your limbs, back, shoulders or neck this can be caused by trigger points. Trigger points can be released when acoustic energy gets delivered and unblocks calcium pump to reverse myofilaments’ metabolic crisis and overall, release you from the pain you are suffering.

What injuries can the Shockwave Therapy address?

Now that you’ve heard what it can do, you might be asking what else can it fix? Here are some of the injuries/pains that can be relieved by shockwave therapy:

  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Insertional Pain
  • Painful Shoulder
  • Heel Spur
  • Hip Pain
  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Calcifications

Shockwave Therapy in Toronto has become more popular as the years gone by what with all the modern ways to solve pain, this is one that is fast and effective. If you or any of your family members may be suffering from such pain, don’t hesitate to call or look for the best team of doctors and specialists who can give you the solution you need.


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